An American Politics Tour With Obama and Clinton

“New Politics” is a very good film from the late 90’s starring Rob Reiner. I have always liked Rob Reiner and this film certainly showed that in spades. I must say that even though it was released in 1998, it still holds up well. It was a very entertaining movie, and it showed all the political players in action to their best ability. I hope that people who see it now realize just how well it gets across the point.

“New Politics” is definitely an interesting take on American politics, and it did a lot of ground successfully in its five-part miniseries. Love New Politics and watched them at Neumy, February of 1996. Their performance was very good, and they rock every time, almost as if they’re making a new album. The only glitch I can see in this film is the length, which felt a little too long for my taste. Overall, this was an entertaining and thought-provoking film that leaves you wanting more.

The first of the series follows the work of three Washington DC politicians as they negotiate for the release of the fifty-year-old Vietnam War memento known as the bullet. The interesting part of the story is that these politicians all had political enemies in the halls of Congress. In the end, the president agrees to release the bullet so that it will be returned to its former owners. This film explores American politics at its finest and you will appreciate the drama when it comes to the capitol hill politics.

The second film in the series chronicles the behind the scenes dealings that surround the negotiations. The film takes us inside the U.S. capitol building as John McCain is sworn into office. This tour allows the US government to show off their work. McCain’s cabinet is also pictured inside the historic building. As you might expect, this tour is not well done and you might find yourself waxing lyrical about how wonderful American government is.

The third and final documentary chronicles the infamous “Cultural revolution” in China. Chinese communist leaders, along with their comrades from across the country flooded the US market with counterfeit goods such as counterfeit books, counterfeit clothing, and even counterfeit food. This resulted in a sharp increase in the price of certain items on the market, thus forcing the economy into a tailspin. This film chronicles the historic streets where American business met the Chinese market head on.

If you want a film that’s completely riveting, then check out the documentary “The Wizard of Oz”. This is a film about America and China in the early part of the 1900’s and follows the adventures of a young woman in the Washington DC area named Alice. The film follows her journey trying to find her way through the colorful and thrilling land of Oz. This is an excellent film to watch if you have an interest in U.S. politics, or just good old fashion American fun.

These are only some of the many famous Washington DC tours that are available. The National Mall is one place that’s frequently visited by tourists, since it offers an easy way to tour all of Washington, D.C. While in Washington, D.C., you can take a walking tour of the US capitol building or the Oval Office. Each of these tours will give you a chance to see history in action and get a taste of how much American politics affects our lives today.

History loving Americans take their vacations to Washington, DC each year to soak up the history and culture of this great city. If you’re planning to go on an American tour, make sure you plan it during a time when it’s not so busy with other tourist attractions. When there are lots of things going on around the capital, you’ll have more time to explore all of American politics. So head over to Washington, DC and have a friendly debate with an American president!

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