Join a Political Tour and Learn More About Our Nation’s History

Tourists who love politics, love these European politics festivals. There are days when the entire week is dedicated to politics. The week can be divided into different topics such as peace and freedom, immigration, the economy, environmental issues, and social issues. Some of the political leaders from all over Europe will visit Ireland during the course of this year. The people’s reaction to their presence was so positive that they were even selected for a day alongside Queen Victoria at the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

LOVE New York politics and visited them in March of last year. They rocked like crazy last year and their performance was just as good as their previous performances. This year there are more people who can’t get enough of American politics. The week will start with the first major event – the first Democratic Party National Convention. There will be a lot of media coverage on how the Democrats will do at the national convention. There will also be some information hide along with celebrities on what will be happening at the conventions.

The next week will start with the Republicans. The most historic event that will take place in the United States will be the Republican National Convention. Thousands upon thousands of delegates will descend upon Washington DC to choose their Presidential Candidate. There will also be a lot of entertainment and historical sights to see. Most important to see is the US capitol hill. The Washington DC metro area is the epicenter of American politics.

The third week of the tour will be the Democratic National Convention. Once again millions of delegates will descend upon DC to elect their Presidential Candidate. The Democratic National Convention will not be as tense as the Republican National Convention but it will still be interesting to follow. For those who are interested in American politics a lot of action will take place on the capitol hill. The House, Senate and the Oval Office will be all consumed by the political drama that occurs during these four weeks. It will be an eye opening experience to see this all happen.

The fourth week of the presidential campaign will bring us to the pivotal state of Virginia. This is the home of George Allen, the current governor of Virginia. During this visit we will learn about the governorship of Allen and his controversial tenure as Governor of Virginia. Virginia’s selection as the next President of the United States will certainly be an interesting topic to discuss during this Washington DC tour. Many famous politicians have had their moments in the spotlight here at the capitol hill.

The last week of the tour will end in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The U.S. capitol building will once again play host to political leaders from both parties. This city is the birthplace of American politics. Philadelphia has been an interesting city to watch as the state governor debated for president with John Kennedy. The successful Democratic primary for Joe Biden will also be featured at this key political event. This tour offers an in depth look at all aspects of American politics.

This is just a brief description of the many famous destinations and prominent political figures that converge on Washington, D.C. during these political tours. I encourage you to read more about each city while you are here. These journeys offer a unique opportunity to learn more about the U.S. capitol building and the complex system of government in the United States. You will also be exposed to many diverse cultures and lifestyles that contribute to the richness of our nation. If you have never visited D.C., I encourage you to make this trip. The political atmosphere of the city will astound you and will give you a new understanding about how our nation works and how it politics.

A Washington DC tour is not complete without taking part in some fun and games during your visit. I recommend joining a tour group such as the Friends of the US Congress and participating in a friendly debate tour. This is a great way to learn more about American politics and meet some interesting people. If you do decide to go on a Washington D.C tour or a capitol hill tour, remember that you have so much to learn and experience before you become a registered voter in the United States of America.

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